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I was too busy living the life I didn’t want, to create and build the life I really wanted until I discovered how to apply this 7-Step Kickstart Formula to create the confidence, freedom, and lifestyle I dreamed of.

Online Life Coach

How often have you been inspired and determined but fall short of the result you envisioned or lack the ability to take action? You are not alone.

What do all Olympians have in common? A coach!

Studies on the benefits of hiring a professional coach have included an increase in personal effectiveness, confidence through self-care, productivity, and work/life balance. Research shows you are 95 percent more likely to achieve your goals with the support of a coach. Plus, 99 percent of clients who hired coaches are satisfied and the majority would repeat the process.

Critical elements to achieve your goals


Clarity of vision activates your brain to organize opportunities to reach your goals


Successful people use a system that supports them in achieving their goals


A coach believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself and provides highlevel support

How coaching works

Successful people create results consistently by applying a system. My  life coaching trainings you will learn has distilled 150 years of success principles into a simple, powerful, and proven process.

This system has helped thousands of people tap into the natural genius inside you. Create more aliveness and vitality doing what matters most to you. It works and it will work for you.

There is an art and science to turning goals, ideas, and visions into reality. The art is YOU! If you dream it, you have the capacity to live it! The power breathing you is conspiring WITH you to become the person you know you are deep down.

The science is in the universal principles that govern results. You will learn how to tap into the invisible side of your nature to create the life you would love living.

“We become what we think.”
~    Guatama Buddha   ~

Why having a life coach is so important

Receive a proven and simple system for the success and happiness you want for your life. You will accelerate your progress and results rather than roughing it alone

One of the single most effective success accelerators is coaching. Online coach/mentor helps breathe life into your intentions and transforms them into concrete goals. These transformational tools offer the motivation you need to turn your goals into reality

Meeting with a coach online on a weekly basis provides a structure of accountability that motivates and gives you high-level support and encouragement.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~    Howard Thurman    ~

Types of online life coaching



Coaching in a group provides an opportunity learn and share with others in a mastermind environment. Groups can be made up of individuals from all walks of life or can be designed to enhance the performance of your executive, leadership, or sales team.



Private life coaching empowers you with the critical ingredients for extraordinary, consistent success: ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback, high-level perspective, and most important, someone who is impressed with the truth of who YOU are not your circumstances



If you are ready to take a quantum leap in your results, this program will give you the support, tools, and mindset you need to rocket you to new levels of success and happiness in your life. Call River today for more information. This program is by invitation only

Life coaching will help you to

Release feelings of fear, doubt, and unworthiness

Achieve your biggest, boldest goals

Increase your productivity and effectiveness

Discover what matters and align your goals with your passion

Increase your ability to make effective decisions

Gain a sense of self-satisfaction and confidence


Mary Morrissey, Founder and CEO of Brave Thinking Institute, Best-Selling Author, Empowerment Specialist

“River Easter is trained in a proven and predictable formula I developed for turning possibility into results. She will give you the tools and strategies to help you get crystal clear on your dream life and your true purpose, and lead you in the steps for how to actually live your dream life.”  

Shelley Lane Virtual Assistant / Mobile Notary

I started with the Aligned Life because I was all over the map with regards to my personal and business goals.  I was working so hard to achieve success, but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to achieve. What did success mean for me?  What did enough money mean to me? At first, I was skeptical.  I am a hard sciences type of person. I got my results.  Within a week (ONE WEEK!!) of starting with River’s coaching, I landed an awesome client and soon after became booked out with clients for my Virtual Assisting business – all without advertising or expending much effort! The investment in time, money and effort has paid for itself many times over.  Thank you, River!

Donna, Founder of One Source, Empowering Caregivers, Grass Valley, CA

The information that River shares is more than just steps 1.2.3. I was aware of the law of attraction, abundance and manifesting, but this has shifted a paradigm for me.  It is about changing old habits, triggers, stories and behaviors that keep us from serving our higher selves and not being controlled by circumstances. It has been AMAZING, MAGICAL and above all, it has shifted my belief system to allow me to get out of my own way and let the expansiveness provide.

Lisa Chipkin, Artist Somatic Coach, Marin, CA

Working with River has been fabulous! She has helped me move easily from being frozen in a long held fog around what I’m supposed to be doing with my career to seeing more clearly and actually getting into action! In these first 6 weeks of our coaching relationship, I’ve shifted from thinking I have to have it all figured out before I launch, to moving in a more divine feminine, fluid way. This is WAY MORE FUN than how I’ve been approaching things- through the lens of a bunch of tired, old limiting beliefs. River helps me turn those around with laser precision any time they show up, and the results are palpable.

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