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Levering the Skills, Trust and Brain Power of Your Team to Build a Stronger Organization

You’ve hired the right people. You know your company’s vision. But you’re still not achieving your goals in a way that you’d like.

You already know that there’s a disconnect, but you’re not sure if you should focus on building your leaders, instilling greater trust or teaching your team better communication skills.

Sometimes you need a little perspective to help you get ahead.

Using the power of assessments, analytics and behavioral science, I help organizations identify areas of improvement and help your team function better as a whole. 

Instead of guessing or consistently hitting the same blocks over and over, I work with your business to effectuate real change, develop stronger leaders, provide competent training and consistently achieve the goals you’ve set.

Using interviews, assessments, data, collaborative and leadership exercises I can quickly pinpoint your weaknesses and assets and provide you with the tools to speed up growth.

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Break Through to The Next Level

On-Site Sessions

On-Site Sessions –

Whether you need process improvement, team effectiveness or workshop facilitation and design, I offer customized half-day and full day sessions to offer solutions to help your team operate successfully.

Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops –

Designed to increase productivity and improve communication and team trust, my weekend workshops will address your challenges in a focused, productive environment that increase productivity and produce desired results.

Laser-Focused Trainings

Laser-Focused Trainings –

Sometimes you need to solve a specific issue such as leadership development, understanding roles or communication building, I can help you create a laser-focused training that can meet your specific needs.

To learn about how I can help meet your needs, begin by scheduling a call to discuss your particular situation

Discover Unexpected Results with Organizational Coaching Proven to Work

Maximize employee potential and improve contribution to the organization’s success

Align human behavior with the organization’s strategy, structure, processes and objectives

Help promote the organization’s values throughout

Identify previously unidentified skills and team members who can support the organization’s goals

Create stronger teams and team leaders.

If you’re ready to break through to the next level, this is your opportunity. I would love to be your partner in creating bigger things!

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I started with the Aligned Life because I was all over the map with regards to my personal and business goals.  I was working so hard to achieve success, but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to achieve. What did success mean for me?  What did enough money mean to me? At first, I was skeptical.  I am a hard sciences type of person. I got my results.  Within a week (ONE WEEK!!) of starting with River’s coaching, I landed an awesome client and soon after became booked out with clients for my Virtual Assisting business – all without advertising or expending much effort! The investment in time, money and effort has paid for itself many times over.  Thank you, River!

– Shelley Lane Virtual Assistant / Mobile Notary

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