Hello and Thank You for taking the time to consider River Easter to be one of your featured speakers at your upcoming event, teleclass or conference!

The following is a list of Presentation Topics that River Easter, owner of Ripple Effect Consulting and Founder of The Aligned Life, speaks on to groups, organizations and businesses in general. If you are interested in a topic other than what is listed here, contact us and inquire.

All of these talks are best as a keynote or 90-minute presentation however we can shorten them for 60 or 30 or 20-minute presentations as needed. River always gives, high-content, high- value presentations that are energetic, motivating and fun for all audiences. These presentations are designed for small business owners and solopreneurs, especially professional women in business.

The following topics in particular are ones that every small business we come in contact right now with wants to know about – these are HOT TOPICS and there isn’t anyone out there talking about them in such a comprehensive manner. River has a style of teaching and speaking that makes it easy for anyone to follow along, be inspired and to take away more than enough implementable strategies to start taking the steps they need to design and begin living a life that is meaningful and brings them a greater sense of happiness.

River has a very broad background of experience, training and knowledge in regards to the strategies, principles, and simple practice to implement to begin shifting your mindset and life to one you love. She’s worked with hundreds of different professionals and business owners and she makes it easy to apply to wherever you are in your life.

You can check out River’s videos online, some of large presentations, some small and some quick video tips so you can get a sampling of her candor. For videos, go to www.RippleEffectConsulting.com or www.youtube.com/c/RiverEaster

River can sell or not sell from the stage as host prefers however we always ask that at minimum we can hold a drawing and/or have a display table in the room during the entire event as well. We are open to discussing opportunities for offering a commission to the event coordinator for anything we do sell; please let us know if you are interested in this. We also will negotiate advertising and promotion depending on the event; some events we promote to our list and some we expect the promoter to do the majority of the marketing.

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The Top Performing Real Estate Agent:  Three Unconscious Habits Real Estate Professionals have that keep them stressed out, procrastinating and not earning the money they want. Do you feel pulled in every direction and are unclear on where to focus your energy? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the length of your “To Do” list?  Is your time constantly interrupted by “urgent” matters? Most Real Estate Agents are floundering around in a sea of urgent tasks and demands that are not getting them the listings and sales they want.  They are so busy that they don’t have time to make a clear and consistent plan of action that focuses their precious time and energy on the actions that will have them make the “Masters Club.” In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to identify the actions that are most effective
  • Tune into what really matters to you and start doing it!
  • How to identify the inner conflict that is sabotaging your success

Three Common Mistakes professional women make that keep them being passed up from promotions and not earning the money they want and deserve. You will learn:  

  • Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose and passion
  • How to increase your confidence to ask for what you want.
  • What to stop doing immediately to increase your credibility

Top Three Mistakes Small Business Owners Make That Them Overworked, Overwhelmed and Sabotaging Their Profits.” You will learn:

  • 3 Key Tools to Create the Results You Want
  • Neuroscience to overcoming limiting beliefs, doubts and fears
  • The 1 critical thing you must give up in order to reach your dream

River is a passionate life coach, clearly in love with her work. She is a congruent teacher, embodying what she teaches. After my initial session with River today, I feel empowered. But, I don’t feel overwhelmed, and that’s amazing. I would recommend anyone who has a dream, but has fear around realizing it, you know, all the Self talk about why you can’t possibly accomplish your dream, to see River. She is a breath of fresh, clear inspiration!


Grass Valley, CA

River’s training helped me to recognize the paradigm that I operate from, thus empowering me to make effective changes in my life. The workshop inspired me to create the momentum I needed to move forward in achieving my life goals. She has the ability to shift her client’s perspective in recognizing new opportunity and greater possibilities. River’s is definitely a coaching worth consideration and time well spent.

Bonnie St James

Small business owner

The information that Tamara “River” shares is more than just steps 1.2.3. I was aware of the law of attraction, abundance and manifesting, but this has shifted a paradigm for me. It is about changing old habits, triggers, stories and behaviors that keep us from serving our higher selves and not being controlled by circumstances. It is about keeping ourselves open to the limitless, expansive possibilities that the Universe/God (whatever you believe in) has to offer, and knowing you are deserving and worthy, just by being here on this earth, right now!

It has been AMAZING, MAGICAL and above all, River’s trining has shifted my belief system to allow me to get out of my own way and let the expansiveness provide.


Founder of One Source, Empowering Caregivers, Grass Valley, CA

River’s coaching has been tremendously helpful in the weeks that I have began my journey with her. Her abilities to present her information are organized and her style of coaching clear and helpful. My decision to continue The Dream Builder Course with River as my Life Coach has been rewarded by the gifts of her personal support and insights. I feel River honors for who I am and supports me in creating my ultimate vision!


Artist, Nevada City, CA 2016

Thank you! Thank you for a thought-provoking and powerful workshop.



This is awesome information and tools!



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River is a Certified Life Master Consultant and has a Master’s in Organization Development. She coaches individuals and teams on clarifying goals and accelerating results. Her experience and passion for growth and transformation is evident through her creativity and commitment to creating effective working environments where people are engaged and empowered to create a world they love.

She received a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from Oregon State University that launched a career in environmental policy at a national level. Working within a government organization led her to seek out effective tools for providing collaboration, leadership and innovation. She has worked for private, non­profit, and government sectors in process improvement, strategic planning, stakeholder collaboration, and facilitation.

For over 20 years, she has studied transformation success principles. Taking an integrated, holistic approach, River combines her life experience and broad background of studies with academic theories in systems thinking, emergent processes, dialog, quantum theory and Human Systems Dynamics.

She offers workshops and coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning and purpose.

Tamara River Easter