Ever started something and then stopped?

We often get excited about a new goal and put some effort into it, but then something comes up and we stop. We get derailed . . .

We lose the initial excitement or get bogged down in something else. Whatever it is, it can cause us to get off track.

It’s a common experience. In fact getting off track is more common than being on track! For example, even the Apollo missions faced this phenomenon when they set their sights on the moon. They were off course 97% of the time. It’s the same for jets flying long-distance.

A jet flying to Hawaii must continually correct its course, so must our goals require consistent recalibration. 

Let’s get you back on track with these four powerful strategies! 

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Here are four effective strategies to help you cultivate the essential skill of getting back on track and recommitting. These approaches will empower you to course-correct and successfully achieve your goals.

1. Embrace Self-Compassion

One of the first steps on this journey is to embrace self-compassion. Instead of chastising ourselves for veering off course, we must recognize that setbacks are a natural part of the process. Much like the Apollo missions that were off course 97% of the time, we can acknowledge that getting off course is normal. The pivotal point is not the misstep, but the determination to return to our path. It’s about getting back on the horse, treating ourselves kindly, and understanding that setbacks are stepping stones to growth.

2. Reframe Failures as Opportunities

Every setback presents us with an opportunity to learn, adapt, and emerge stronger. Just as I faced the challenge of reading four chapters in 90 days and turned it into a year-long transformative journey, we too can leverage setbacks as catalysts for growth. By reframing failures as opportunities, we can identify the lessons they offer. It’s about asking ourselves: What can I learn from this? What support structures can I put in place? The process might take longer, but the rewards are profound.

3. Connect with Your Why

Rekindling our motivation requires us to reconnect with the driving force behind our goals—the “why” that initially inspired us. Our goals weren’t chosen haphazardly; they hold meaning, significance, and PURPOSE. Understanding our “why” is paramount. Whether it is enhancing our well-being, conquering personal goals, or making a difference in the world, clarifying our purpose is key. By visualizing our desired outcomes and infusing them with emotion, we can amplify our motivation and pave the way to success.

4. Seek Support and Accountability

No achievement is truly a solitary endeavor. Just as the Apollo missions had mission control and jets flying to Hawaii have navigational support, we too need a network to propel us forward. Accountability is paramount to success. Enlist the support of mentors and coaches. The encouragement, positivity, and accountability make us more likely to push through challenges. 

Remember, the Apollo missions reached the moon despite being off course most of the time, and we too can achieve greatness by acknowledging our setbacks and course-correcting.

Setbacks and detours are part of any journey. The ability to recommit and navigate these challenges is what sets successful individuals apart. By following these four key steps—embracing self-compassion, reframing failures as opportunities, connecting with our “why,” and seeking support—we can develop the necessary skill of recommitment. 

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Here is to you living the best version of yourself!

Xo, River

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