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Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs To Rediscover Your Greatness

River Easter

Five Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Five Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

“I’m so tired” or “I’m stressed.” is a common response when I ask a person how they are doing. It happens a lot! Studies show these people aren’t alone. The American Institute of Stress states that 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress, and a whopping one...

The Magic of Action

The Magic of Action

“Oh, I would love that!” How many times have you said that or heard someone say those same words? Just the other day I heard a friend say, “Oh, I would love to go to Hawaii for two weeks and swim with the dolphins.” What is it that you would absolutely love to do? Is...

Become an Intention Ninja

Become an Intention Ninja

Intention is powerful. Research shows it can change your reality, heal your body, cure diseases, achieve goals, enhance performance, increase wealth, ease pain, and even help other people. The good news is intention doesn’t cost anything and everyone has it; we’re...

The information that River shares is more than just steps 1.2.3. I was aware of the law of attraction, abundance and manifesting, but this has shifted a paradigm for me.  It is about changing old habits, triggers, stories and behaviors that keep us from serving our higher selves and not being controlled by circumstances. It has been AMAZING, MAGICAL and above all, it has shifted my belief system to allow me to get out of my own way and let the expansiveness provide.

– Donna, Founder of One Source, Empowering Caregivers, Grass Valley, CA

Breaking Through Limits to Discover My Dreams.

If I told you that I’ve spent my life going against the grain, you probably imagine that I’ve worked to shake a more traditional background. For me – it was the exact opposite. 

In many ways my upbringing was unusual.

My teenage years were spent in an isolated section of Washington, wild and unattended.  My parents committed to their passion by running a camping club – we had no running water, no electricity and no real community. And while I appreciate that they chased their dreams so clearly, it wasn’t always ideal. Without clear direction, my life could have spiraled out of control.

And at times it did.

Drinking. Running around without guidance. And even marrying a logger before graduating high school. I spent my early years trying to survive.

Even then I knew who I wanted to be – well, maybe not the details – but I knew I wanted to help others transform their lives.

But first, I had to transform my own… 

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Moving to California without a lot of guidance, I realized getting a four-year college degree was a way for me to find my path. And although it took me several years, I ended up with a degree in Forest Management and got a job.

A natural student I became studying and being fascinated by systems, transformational principles, neuroscience, and even organizational development. Always analyzing and passionate about finding effective tools for collaboration, leadership, and transformation – I slowly turned my passion into a career – helping hundreds achieve greater success, meaning, and purpose.

But when it came to my personal life butting up against my limiting beliefs kept me from fulfilling my greatness for many years.

For years I felt like I had all the right ingredients, just in the wrong proportions and wrong timing.

After two failed marriages and experiencing difficulties with my current husband that I realized that I had to face my beliefs. It wasn’t really the marriage that was at issue, but more that I had fears about my own success. Never wanting to outshine my family or others, I held myself back. 

It wasn’t until I found and applied this simple, proven, effective system of transformation that I achieved the results I wanted in my life.  This is where the transformational “rubber” hits the road. In your life NOW! Courageously going beyond your comfort zone. Taking that step even though you are afraid…

Today, I am certain that my future is determined by me – not my past results. No matter what you’ve experienced up until now, I offer you a system and a roadmap to your success.

I help individuals and organizations achieve both personal and professional goals. To begin, explore my services and schedule a complimentary session to discuss your needs.

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“You Matter. Your Dreams Matter.
Your Dreams. Will Change the World.”

River is a Certified Life Master Consultant and has a Master’s in Organization Development.

She received a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from Oregon State University that launched a career in environmental policy at a national level. Working within a government organization led her to seek out effective tools for providing collaboration, leadership, and innovation. She has worked for private, nonprofit, and government sectors in process improvement, strategic planning, stakeholder collaboration, and facilitation.


For over 20 years, she has studied transformation success principles. Taking an integrated, holistic approach, River combines her life experience and broad background of studies with academic theories in systems thinking, emergent processes, dialog, quantum theory and neuroscience.

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